Driving the Tulip Route

Along the route

This year a beautiful tulip route car route has been mapped out again. Normally there are plenty of activities during the Tulip Festival, but unfortunately this is not possible this year due to the measures surrounding Covid-19. The organization has come up with nice alternatives, for young and old, that are mainly possible from the car. This year, for example, there will be the Tulip Festival App with information about the Noordoostpolder and tulip cultivation, and children can explore together with Bollie de Beer. For more information click here.

Are the tulips already in bloom?
Tulips are very photogenic. But we cannot guarantee that they will all bloom at the same time. This mainly depends on the weather. During the Tulip Festival we will inform you which part of the tulip fields is (approximately) in bloom. View here the flowering percentage.

Let’s work together to ensure that everyone can safely enjoy the tulips in the Noordoostpolder! View the tulips from the car and avoid crowded places.

Furthermore, we follow the guidelines of the RIVM and want to ask everyone to adhere to this.

Respect our crops

It is not allowed to park in the yard at growers / residents and / or to enter the tulip fields. This can damage the flowers and bulbs. Respect our crops! Thanks!

For more information, see the Tulpenfestival Noord-Oostpolder website and download the app for a nice trip. This tour is very easy from it holiday homeinlemmer to make. Even parts are easy to do on the bike. There are even possibilities to walk through the tulip fields.

Source: Tulip Festival-Experience it

Bicycle tour Westskoatterpaad 543574

Yesterday a very nice trip, we found it on the internet, and very worthwhile. It is a nice trip south of Joure and Heerenveen. We started the tour in Skarsterbrug at the Vreugdenhil milk factory, opposite the factory is a small parking lot, from here we cycled along the water towards the highway, under the highway the route started.

Here is a link to tour