For a fun experience sailing on the IJsselmeer, without having to rent a boat, there is the possibility to cross to Enkhuizen by ferry during the season. This is a nice boat trip, inform and book your trip  Check whether they leave with bad weather, even with a lot of wind force they last a long time. Check in early, of course, to come back the same day. It is also possible to take your bicycle (s) with you for a nice trip on the other side of the IJsselmeer, in West Frieze.

How do I get there?  You drive out of Lemmer over the lock in the direction of Balk, roundabout 3/4, follow the parallel road dike, keep to the left for the first time, through the Sondeler Leyen nature reserve with a bird watching hut. Take the first left again, you are now coming from Nijemirdum, this is a tour within the city, by bike or car very worthwhile. Through Nijemirdum to Oudemirdum, exit Stavoren, follow this road completely, ie keep following the signs for Stavoren, you will now arrive at Stavoren over the dike, the ferry is in the harbor.  For this journey by car take half an hour to three quarters of an hour, again very worthwhile.

Ferry Staveren Enkhuizen